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Mayur Sunil Kakade

Good Architecture and Modular ( Component wise ) Structure

Abdulrahman Albanna

Clean architecture code


hi, I just bought your "FAP". Great panel, very helpful.

Ahmed Ammous



Hello, It would be great if you could add a PDFViewer to the project


Hello, this panel very useful but i have some problems of package versions. Please update all packages with right way for latest flutter (3.10) version. This update is quite a problem and frustrating creative work.))

Ejder Ganbarof

Hello, we need more tutorial videos for this template. Because this template although it is neat, it has a very nested structure. Please consider this idea

flutterap features

we made what YOU need

think only about the future, flutterap solves the problems of the past by its tested components


responsive design with bootstrap method, for all screens


text widgets with responsive sizing for all screens

night mode

don't worry about your eyes

multi language support

Has English and Arabic languages


Support from phone screen to large monitors

hardware communication

Supporting communication with hardware such as printers and...

easy to update

The ability to upgrade and update components as simply as possible

skeleton and folders

It has skeleton and folder structure for quick and structured start


unique styling, similar to flutter, with customization

no complications

widgets are made in simplified and functional classes

platform tested

components have been tested on most platforms


product support and training and documentation for ease of work

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