language support

flutter admin panel for global languages

it's a flutter admin panel with global language, we made flutter admin panel for:


Almost ALL platforms

Run your own program on widely used platforms by one programming language

flutterap features

we made what YOU need

think only about the future, flutterap solves the problems of the past by its tested components


responsive design with bootstrap method, for all screens


text widgets with responsive sizing for all screens


unique styling, similar to flutter, with customization

no complications

widgets are made in simplified and functional classes

platform tested

components have been tested on most platforms

night mode

don't worry about your eyes

why flutter?

what makes Flutter special

flutter has special features that cannot be found in other frameworks

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Why Flutter image

All in One

Using the Dart language, the Flutter framework makes it possible to output to popular platforms with just one programming session.

Fast and Strong

In Flutter, you develop fast and output with native language power, because there are no more bridges (like React Native). Everything is native in Flutter.

New but Famous

It is true that not many years have passed since the release of Flutter, but the forums are formed for it, which shows the popularity of Flutter.
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why flutterap flutter admin panel?

what makes Flutterap flutter admin panel special

flutterap Ready-made components, helps you to develop your app as quickly as possible

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Our Experience

We at flutterap have brought you our personal experience. flutterap is the result of 4 years of using Flutter, so we have provided you with tested components.

Training and Documentation

Documentation and training are an important part of working with a framework. We have provided you with the necessary documentation to make it easier to work with flutterap. Documentation is always getting better.

Trust and Support

We need your trust to make flutterap better. We will always be by your side and support you to bring a more practical and reliable product.
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The Centrality of Flutterap

Relying on years of Experience working with admin panel

Flutterap is a product of years of work on the admin panel with different programming languages. One of the challenges we encountered was that libraries like React did not allow us to access the hardware in a single platform. As a result, we looked for a framework that would give us hardware access under one programming language and also be highly efficient. We found the Dart language and the Flutter framework and created Flutterap from it.we worked on flutter and made flutter admin panel for you

flutterap flutter admin panel future

Flutterap path to the future

We have decided to turn Flutterap into a special framework for app development that supports not only the admin panel, but also other applications. In this way, we need your trust and we are with you until the end

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flutter watch


flutter fork


flutter star


platform support

laptop laptop
For All

flutterap is multi language

you can create your admin panel with any language that you want

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What should you know about flutterap

The story of Flatrap started from ready-made components that we used in Android projects. We said to ourselves how good it would be to put all these components in one place on Github so that we can access it everywhere. It was after that that we thought of turning all these components into a Flutter management panel. When we started, there was no such thing at all. But now version 5 is available to everyone so that those who want a management panel can customize it for themselves at a speed of 50-70%.

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